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CHITS provides a good source of finance for different type of people viz., small investors, businessmen, small scale industrialists etc. CHITS is a good means of savings for any contingency requiring substantial amount. It serves all persons whether they desire for savings or borrowing to meet extraordinary expenses on special occasions like Marriages, Construction of houses etc., Adequate care is necessary to choose a suitable Group. The selection of a particular Group, largely depends on the subscriber's capacity to provide surplus funds month after month from his normal income for this purpose. This aspect is very important for the subscriber as well as the company's point of view to avoid any embarrassment at the time of releasing the prize money or in releasing chit instalments month after month.

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Save Money

Saving and Investing is a lifelong process. The sooner you start; the better off you'll be in the long run. It's best to start saving and investing as soon as you start earning money. The discipline and skills you learn will benefit you for the rest of your life. But no matter how old you are when you start thinking seriously about saving and investing, it's never too late to begin. Plan your finances such that you meet every contingent expense without feeling pressured.

Borrow Money

A chit is the only financial product that allows you to save and borrow. Be smart; avoid the pitfalls of borrowing at exorbitant costs from money lenders and other financial channels. Borrow at lower rates with lesser hassles.

Choose Wisely

In whose hands you put your hard-earned money matters. Universal Capital is a registered Chit fund operating for over 31 years in the chit fund sector. Universal Capital chits is your trustworthy, safe and reliable companion to help you reap maximum benefits from investing in a chits. The activities of the company are monitored by government officials through the chit fund Act of 1982. Universal Capital chits is backed by its competent and seasoned team who have decades of experience. Start your journey towards financial freedom.

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